Woman claims to win 6 million HK dollar jackpot but denied by Macau Casino

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A 37-year-old woman claims to have won 6 million jackpot at the Sands Macau Casino but it was denied by the Casino manager.

She went to the Sands Casino last month and lost 300,000 dollars. With the last thousand dollars in her pocket, she won a big prize. She claimed the jackpot was 6 million dollars. The slot machine started dispensing cash out slips but was then shut down by a staff member. She was only able to collect 44 slips, worth of 1.36 million. However, the staff member confiscated her cash out slips.

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The woman and her boyfriend then complained to an inspector from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. The inspector stationed at the casino told them it would take approximately 10 days to investigate the case. However, according to the Casino Manager, the jackpot was invalid due to the obstacles of the slot machine.

The woman had sold her five properties in Shenzhen, worth of 6 million dollars, so she could continue playing jackpot slots. She said she would quit the addiction after retrieving the 6 million dollar jackpot.

According to a Macau legislator, Au Kam San, the casinos have the responsibilities to pay out the jackpots, whether there’s a problem with the slot machines or not. They need to assure the slot machines are in good operation as the casinos won’t offer any compensation if the slot machines cheat. Vice versa, if a gambler wins a jackpot because a slot machine cheats, the casino will also be obliged to pay it out.
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