Video Slots – Online Video Slots Explained

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The Hottest Online Slot Machines are Video Slots

If you play online slot machines, then chances are you’ve played video slots. Video slots are about as hot as a slot machine can get. That’s because these games combine all of the exciting features that a slot machine offers with the high tech power and variety that video holds. The result is an experience that those who play slots online find exhilarating, thrilling and potentially lucrative.

In this article, we’re going to focus on three central questions regarding online video slots. They are:

What makes these machines so popular with those who play them?
Do you play them any differently than other types of slots?
And what special features should you look for?

Here’s the scoop and skinny when it comes to video slot machines online.

They Are Popular!

Often the most popular games at an online casino are the video slots. Games such as Cleopatra, Gladiator’s Gold and Million Dollar Rally attract players time and again. One reason is the numerous paylines that these machines offer. Those who play slot machines online do it for two reasons—fun and to win cash. When a player has 15, 25, 50 or more paylines, these games can get pretty exciting and the chances to win are multiplied numerous times.

Another engaging aspect of video slot machines is their graphics. These machines have the richest and most robust graphics you can find anywhere. The icons on the reels alone are magnificent and the colors are saturated and vivid. Once the reels start spinning or the bonus round is activated, the video slot becomes magnificently colorful. Plus, they also often feature unmatched sound and music. Those who play who play slot machines online often find others slots dull after experiencing the sensational and stimulating adventure that these machines offers.

Do You Play Them Differently?

As far as playing online slots, it’s safe to say that all are played in the same basic way. However, video slots are not basic slots; they are quite complex and that means that in some ways they are played differently than other online slots.

The primary difference has to do with how many different choices you have with a video slot as opposed to a regular machine. Here are some of the more important ones.

Usually these machines have more paylines, which means players must choose how many they are going to play, influencing payouts.
The more paylines you play, the more expensive the machine becomes but the better your chances of winning.
Most are 5-reel or 7-reel machines and not 3-reelers, translating into tougher odds when it comes to winning the jackpot.
If the machine has a bonus round, the entire look, feel and odds on the machine change, which means players must adjust to playing almost and entirely new slot machine.
At the end of the bonus round, video slot machines often have a double up option where players can elect to multiply their bonus winnings by two. If you opt to try to double up, you could lose all you’ve won in the bonus.

For those who play slots online, the primary difference between regular and video machines has to do with choice. Video slot machines online demand that players make many more choices that can influence how much a player risks and wins.

Video Slot Features to Look For

The first thing to do is to make sure that whatever video slot machine you play that you thoroughly enjoy it. Those who play slots online should always have a great time doing so. Always pick a slot whose theme you enjoy and with which you connect. Whenever you spin the wheels of that online slot machine, the experience needs to be about as exciting as it can be.

One way to ensure that you will be thoroughly entertained from the moment you start playing to the moment you finish is by playing video slots that carry all of the options and features that you desire. If you want to play 50 paylines, have a major bonus adventure and get lost in the random thrill created when numerous Bonus, Scatter and Wild symbols popup, then go for it! There are so many video slot machines online and so many new ones premiering that you are bound to discover the machine that is for you.

Enjoy the Ride!

The last bit of advice concerning video slots is to simply enjoy the ride. When you play online slot machines, you’ll find that video slots take you places that no other game can. So make sure that you revel in it and that you play for extreme fun and the chance to take home some cash.

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