The Poker Mind State: Tips and Secrets – Workout and Win!

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Poker is a complex game that outside of strategy also requires a clear, focused mind. Use some of these health and wellness tips to increase your return not only on poker but on life in general.

Also side note: It’s easy to not mention bad beats when your on a good run, but poker is a game of variance. Thus we can’t simply ‘ignore’ bad beats but find a healthy way to filter and acknowledge them. Try to learn from the hand/situation whenever possible. Share it online, or with a friend in an emotionally detached way when possible and see a fresher perspective. Acknowledge, Learn, Breathe and Let Go, and Go back to Crushing! RGPG – Run Good, Play Good!

Additionally, beyond the overall focus and positive mind set before playing. While playing, I would turn the focus on making the correct decisions based on whatever information you have at any given time. Your focus should be present. In the moment.

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