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Close Fancy roulette tips from a professional gambler? In the video roulette wheel spins I cover a 10 number section of the wheel, but what exactly is my roulette strategy to win? Well let me tell you that it is based on skill and know-how. It is certainly not based on a number system.

Why? Number systems do not work and all the roulette system videos you see on youtube are run by marketers and not real players. I am a professional roulette player, so I know what works and what doesn’t. I can spot it a mile off.

The best roulette tips are the ones that help you to win at roulette. Don’t you agree? I can show you how to win, using a unique roulette system. I am getting older now, so I have decided to go into semi retirement.

That gives me more time to teach people how to make a living from roulette, but still go to the casino a few times a week. You can visit for more info!

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