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Roulette Syllabus 2015
This software has four prediction at the same time each prediction is independent from one another. A player can use wheel 1 or wheel 2 or wheel 3 or wheel 4 for a complete sections and win with no questions.
This program is not sold at a complete price due to the information in the software and how effective it works.
A subscription price of 2K euros for 90 days.
work with online RNG or live dealer .With this price a player with 500 units bankroll of any currency with 10 cent minimum bet will win
a minimum of 4k of any currency after 90 days.
Attacking the casino table with four different players each one place a bet to win and two players can bet the same number as a prediction
the software notify the player and the developer roulette syllabus any time a prediction is won.
players who want a proof that software deserved the price or want to test before they buy can request a test for 5 hours to 10 hours sections player pays only the hours spent. but will not have access to the software.

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