Roulette Martingale Strategy: Learn How to Play, Tips on Bankroll & Demonstration

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This video will break down the Martingale Strategy bit by bit from deciding on what bet selection to use, what betting pattern to play with, what type of bankroll you need and how to manage your bankroll.

Unless you are completely new to roulette strategy, you most likely will have heard of the Martingale strategy. It’s a really simple strategy using the even paying bets: red/black – High/low – odd/even.

How to Play

The first step of the martingale strategy is to place your first bet on red or black. Say you bet £1 on red and the ball whirs round and round and eventually it stops on red, congratulations – you have just doubled your money! What to do next? Well you take the money back off the table and you start betting again.
Say this time you bet black, the ball goes round and round and it eventually stops…on red! Damn. That’s you just lost that £1 you had on the table.

So what next?

Well this is where the strategy starts. What you would do now is bet DOUBLE the amount of your original bet. So for example, the first time you bet £1 and lost, so now you want to bet £2. Why are we doing this? Well if you bet on black again and this time it wins you will receive receive £4. If you have been counting, you will of realised that when you placed the second bet of £2, the sum total of your bets would have been £3. Congratulations, you have just profited another pound.

Doubling up on your losses is the key to the martingale strategy. As long as you double up after every loss, when you win, you will always profit by your original stake.

Happy Gambling

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