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Advanced dice sets for the advanced craps player. What are they and how do I use them to better my play? What do I look for and what to I do?
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Max Rubin, official curator of the Blackjack Hall of Fame located at Barona Casino in San Diego, CA, explains how to play new Chipless Blackjack games. Chipless is the newest thing in gaming right now. [More]
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The Ultimate Question: How to win Blackjack
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In this video I show you everything you need to practice your craps game and dice control.
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http://ForgetLuck.com basic “Craps Dice Control” instructional video of one of the best gambling choices, including house advantage, basic strategy and expected return.
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How to understand and engage in a side bet called “Beat the Deuce” How to play Cee lo (green red or whatever color dice) and WIN! the easiest side bet to get someone to take
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