HOW TO WIN ROULETTE the most effective way just pick BLACK OR RED.

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HOW TO WIN ROULETTE the most effective way just pick BLACK OR RED.
some time people said “you can’t do it because the books say so”
well you have to be an open mind person to think out side what the
the books have said,keep looking what was’nt there using more
of your imaginations your positive thinking.don’t let even Albert
Einstein comment about you can not win on roulette to stop you.
their are the ways that you can win roulette(a life spin ‘s table game
not on the computer’s roulette).what i am going to teach you is a basic
stage of “noise technique” that you can win $80 an hour on the bank roll
of $200 (or $160 an hour on the bank roll of $400 or $320 an hour for
a bank roll of $800 and so on…).
step 1 :prepare the bank roll (in this case $200).
step 2 :buy $200 worth of $5 chips.
step 3 :stand at the end of roulette table.
step 4 :listen to the noise of the roulette’s ball
when the dealer release the ball.
step 5 :figure it out that what color of roulette number
that the ball will come to rest.
different noise different color.
same noise same color.
(from the previous rest color of roulett ball).
step 6 : place 1 unit of chips (in this case $20 )
on figure it out not place the bet
before the spin only place the bet after the spin
you have about 8 seconds before the dealer call
“no more bet”.
step 7 : break time to be 30 minutes session,when you have
achieved 2 unit of chips ($40 walk away from the table
come back in to the next 30 minutes session and repeat
proceedure again in this way you will win $80 an hour).
if you plan 3 hours operation you will get $240.
normaly you will get 2 units of chips in 7 spins.
practice make perfect you might get your target
2 units of chips in 2 spins.
the tips of noise technique:
stand at the end of the table but use the same spot
so you will train yourself to listen to the noise
at the same distance from the source’s noise all the time.

set time to be 30 minutes session in order to do psychological
warfare with the dealer plus the dealer has less time to defence
your onslaught.(when you get 2 units of chips walk away from
table straight away let’s the dealer feel he or she has been
defeated by you).

come back to the same table to get coincide which the dealer
changing normally every an hour you will get the new dealer
when he or she start on the table most likely he or she start
with easy moves that can be easy for your onslaught .

when the ball close to 0 section stop betting or bet against
what color that you ‘ve figered it out going to be.
why ? because the sequence of black and red has been changed
when cross 0 .35 black 3 red 26 black 0 32 red 15 black 19 red…
(see the roulette card ).

start at the hour such as 14.00,15.00,16.00…20.00,21.00,22.00
when you get 2 units of chips for example at 14.15 come back
to start next session again (same table ) at 14.30.not before
or after be a control freak.

this strategy has serve me well for over 20 years and past the test
of time it will serve you well as well as long as you have a good
practice of your hearing and discipline .
All these i try to persuade people to play roulette game(table)
there will be more people come to play roulette because they ‘ve got knowledge that
they believe they can win from this game Casinos have to prove otherwise.
At the end of the day there is a Win Win situation Casino ‘ve got more customers the punter
‘ve got more chance and money make the world go round.

remember if you work yourself to what you are ,you control your own destiny.
good luck and keep watching ecarusnock on youtube.
NOTE base on single 0 roulette wheel.

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