How to win at poker

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A mathematical poker trick, to make you pick the losing hand.

My shuffle to put the queen on top of the deck was quite unsubtle. The queen was on the bottom, I moved the cards about and then put the queen on top.

How to force the queen: Put two cards down, one of which is the queen, and ask them to touch a card. If they pick the queen that is their card, and you continue the trick allowing the volunteer to pick their cards. If they don’t pick the queen then they have picked your card, and you can continue the trick with the volunteer picking your cards.

Another way will be to leave the Queen to the end. Put all ten cards on the table, some face up, some face down. The Queen will need to be face up. Take it in turns to pick, but you choose first. If not chosen earlier, the Queen will be the last card which your opponent will have to take.

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