How to Win at Online Roulette, Online Casino & other online gambling games

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FACT : Online roulette (non-live versions) are programmed to win. The gambling company will eventually win if played for long periods no matter which strategies are used. However, short term the winning is easy.

It’s knowing when to quit your account that’ll make the profit!

For the first 30 minutes most of the online roulette strategies talked about online will work. It’ll be the easiest roulette game you’ll ever play. The program then learns your game play over a period of time and then overcomes your previous winning formulas. For example, if a user keeps betting on red to appear. The online game will eventually add several large runs of black numbers. I’ve seen runs of up to 12 blacks when red is a repeated bet. This will only appear if you play over 50 bets of the wheel, so don’t panic on a new account. The software developers do not use a random number generator. If they did, they would lose. Therefore don’t play the game as normal roulette but as someone who replicates patterns, then suspend the account once good profit has been made. After I have played around 50 bets I never use the account for 3 months. Instead I goto another gambling company and create a new account.

In some respects it’s amazing the companies get away with it. If you play the national lottery, you know the lottery machines are independently adjudicated. If you play roulette from a reputable company you would expect the software to be verified as fair and legitimate. This is far from true.

Before the program learns your gameplay, you can win big!

First of all, create a new account with an online betting company. Don’t accept any bonuses, Don’t play in practise mode. Add around £250. Then start the basic online roulette program.

First of all place a £1 – £5 bet on the following three areas : 1-18, Even and Red. If you win keep the number. If you don’t win place £10 on the same bet. Keep doubling your money until you win. To begin with, your numbers will appear very very soon.

After you initial bets, Spin the roulette wheel until you get a sequence of three numbers. Then bet on the opposite of the sequence. For example

If three red numbers appear bet on black
If three black numbers appear bet on red
If three evens appear bet on odd
If three odd numbers appear, bet on even
If three low numbers appear (1-18) bet on 19-36
If three high numbers appear (19-36) bet on 1-18.
At the same time, keep betting a small amount on zero.

If you win, keep the winnings. If you experience a loss, repeat the bet but double your money plus add 1 (of your playing currency). Eventually the number will come up. The program is designed to monitor your moves at this stage and won’t force a high string of similar numbers (such as 12 even numbers on a row). Repeat the process for around 50 bets.

Withdraw all your money as the program has started to learn your playing style. Quit the program. Take your winnings and never use this account for 3 months. I record my usage in a google docs spreadsheet.

Fight back and make ££$$$ from the online gambling companies

The process takes around 20 minutes if the options are set to fast play and you can make around £40-£50 in the 20 minutes. If you open 10 accounts in a week, thats an easy £400-£500 free money in 7 days. WOW.

Sometime I also play a couple of other games such as baccarat and heads and tails or a couple of spins on another roulette game. I play these games for a couple of minutes or until I make profit, This will add a couple more units of currency to my balance before quitting the betting program.

There are a few other roulette strategies people have tried, all available at :

Try them, you’ll probably win, but never exceed 50 bets on an account and never use an old account. The aim of this software is make you think it’s easy. And when you’ve just made £50, it’ll be ready to get £150 off you. Just make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

If opening a new account for a betting website where you already have an old account, you’ll need a different email address, different debit or credit card and a different telephone number. Maybe also use a nickname or your second name instead of your real first name. Obtaining a new telephone number is easy, as a pay as you go simm costs less than a £1 from places such as pound-land and poundstrecher. New yahoo email and google addresses can be obtained easily. If you have already linked a debit card, then the programs usually offer 4 or 5 other payment methods such as a paypal account. Credit cards can also be accepted….

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