European Roulette Strategy – Safe and good strategy to play and win.

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European Roulette Strategy :
Here you can see how to play progressive strategy on European Roulette. Pay out is 1:3.
Best way is to play using minimum bet and then raising it by two in case of failure.
I will show you safer strategy soon.
If you want to play you can go:

To play in browser (USD) :
To download (USD):

To play in browser (GBP) :
To download (GBP):

Please remember that you should learn new roulette strategy before you start using it !

This strategy is very easy to follow, but you need to remember to start with lowest possible bet on table so you can some space to play in case of loosing 2-3-4 bets.

You can make up to 7 bets on table 1$-100$.

This Strategy for European Roulette has bets as follow:

With each bet you have bigger chances to win (with first bet you have 31.58% to win)
You can read about chances and how to use math yo win on our website

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