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Close I’m a professional gambler. I discovered a revolutionary method to learn card counting! RC-4(Decks Played)/Decks Remaining = TC. Card Counting bottlenecks here! No more division! In all other systems you must calculate the TC (true count) in your head after each dealt hand. Daunting to do in a crowded, noisy casino. My revolutionary system reduces this formula to a single chart with a few strategic numbers to visualize and remember which will alert you to increase your bet. Bet small when the deck is cold. Bet more when the deck is hot. The casinos are afraid of me. I am not afraid of them. Become the David against the casino Goliaths Review/mathematical vetting: Ken Smith ( What is the easiest and most powerful card counting system? TKO as taught in “The Color of Blackjack”. A bold statement that I was happy to confirm… for the complete review go to

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