Watch as Johnny Aces lets you look over his shoulder as he wins a texas holdem poker tournament using just the starting hands guide. For more coaching visit
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It’s the clear and obvious way to play. Man this video looks like shit, look at that tiny box of a video in the black void.
This is a tutorial on how to win most of your tournaments in poker. I have many tips for you, but please don’t tell your friends about it because i don’t want to split the [More]
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Ben Carpenter (MYBIGGUNS) is number 1 on top tournament results list at PartyPoker in 2010 and here he gives you his 5 tips on how to win poker tournaments.
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A mathematical poker trick, to make you pick the losing hand. My shuffle to put the queen on top of the deck was quite unsubtle. The queen was on the bottom, I moved the cards [More]
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