Casino Cheating at Craps Dice Slider (narration)

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Cheating at a Casino Craps game by sliding dice along the layout. The dice would be set (for whatever value, like a field number) The dice are tossed in a way that the value of both dice are maintained. Greatly increases the player/cheater’s odds. It’s a practiced move. They worked as a team. They practiced as a team.

The video was converted from VHS. From the early 90’s in a Reno, NV Casino. The “shooter” would set and control (in this case) both dice. The simulation shows how the dice were sliding along the layout with the same value up.

Other dice sliding methods include, spinning one or both dice, or one die can tumble and hit the wall while the other slides along the felt with the same value up (see the Fx clip) .

All methods if done skillfully, require practice. In this case associates helped create diversions and distractions and made the larger wagers. Appeared to have done a good job on the timing.

The 3 would jump Casino to Casino just taking shots on under staffed tables.

The group was eventually apprehended and possibly blacklisted.

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