Blackjack 21. Basic Strategy & Card Counting Don’t Work.

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21 Basic Strategy was first published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association in September 1956. It was a little different than today’s. Julian Braun of IBM another associated in the 1960s with Basic Strategy never bet more than $10 with his own system! So why should you? [Julian Braun interview is available online with Arnold Snyder]. Braun’s Basic Strategy was computer simulated millions of hands dealt from a 52 card deck. After each hand the cards went back into the deck, shuffled & hands deal again then cards back in & reshuffled! That is not how the game works today which is multiple decks & cards are placed to the side & not returned to the shoe. & the statistics of millions of hands is not the same as a few hundred or below a hundred hands! Even with 8 deck “Infinite Shuffle” machines, the combinations, statistics & probability is not the same as 1 deck Infinite Shuffle! MOST BASIC STRATEGY CHARTS ARE OBSOLETE & NOT APPLICABLE TO TODAY’S RULES, DECKS & SHUFFLING METHODS! & every ca$ino head & inve$tor know$ thi$! They sell Basic Strategy charts in casino gift shops! If the charts worked would casinos sell em to people to use against em? NO! Basic Strategy makes casinos more money now than ever! That is a fact, the dealer has a 25% & higher advantage over the player who uses basic strategy. Blackjack is the #1 table game in the world making BILLION$ OF DOLLAR$.

There are several “Basic Strategy” charts out there. Google Basic Strategy chart images for both single & multiple decks. You will see variations of each single & multiple deck charts & compare em, go over them very carefully & you will see differences in both. The reason is there is no definitive science to it, just opinion & mostly people peddling products or charts taken from various sources that were designed to sell & had to be different from other charts or books because of copyright laws. Each one was made with opinions of some author or to benefit the gambling industry. Some Charts were made during different stages in ca$ino$ using 2 decks then 4 & eventually 6 & 8. Each one is different & the only way to know is to see the year it was published & guess! Some may be better than others & you have no way of knowing how good they are util you try em.

Ca$ino$ hired John Scarne a card & gambling expert [who was also employed by the U.$. government for gaming advice for the U.S. Armed Forces] decades ago to counter the card counters & neutralize them. Since then every major ca$ino on earth has applied John Scarne’s principles:

(1) Penetration Card inserted in the decks. Card Counting was mostly effective towards the end of the shoe where good guesses & high bets were made. Penetration Cards ended the game 60-75% [never the same] in the game & never gets down to where counters can guess. & whatever cards were there could go to the dealer or player!

(2) Dealer Burn Card. Before starting the game & when dealers switch in a game the dealer “burns a card” [takes it outta play]. So if these cards aren’t seen they can’t be counted. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE AN ACCURATE COUNT.

(3) Multiple decks, originally 2 then 4, 6, 8. Complicates counting by complexity, especially with long term play.

(4) Random shuffling & shuffling machines.

(5) Limit to maximum bets. Generally now you’ll see $1,000-$10,000 maximum bets on average in High Roller rooms & tables. People that took casinos were betting huge hands $100,000-$1,000,000+

those facts neutralized card counters since the sixties. And Basic Strategy was supposed to be used in conjunction with Card Counting… NOT ALONE. & CERTAINLY NOT FOLLOWED STRICTLY: Choices in betting, hitting & standing were altered depending on “the count”. So anybody using Basic Strategy without counting is already at a losing start & not doing it right or they way it was intended. Any books, videos, sites & charts promoting Card Counting & Basic Strategy are all non-sense, hot air & obsolete. The gambling industry controls publishing behind the scenes precisely to get people to think they can get an advantage & come to casinos & risk money. & they certainly are not afraid of counters & could care le$$! They want people doing mental gymnastics fooling themselves & not paying attention to reality of the tables, cards & chips! The movies & hype with Card Counting is created by the gambling industry itself! Casinos & Hollywood have a business relationship & in some cases the same investors. “One hand washes the other”. IT’S ALL A $CAM! Done legally because the profits to investors & taxes to cities, counties, states & the government is so high nobody cares!

Don’t trust computer programs either! Most don’t simulate real play: dealer burn card, change dealers during shoe & burn a card each time, others at a table making crazy choices etc. all these things affect the game. So when you practice on a computer or phone app it’s nothing like what really happens at the table in a Ca$ino.


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