Betting on three double streets as an Evens alternative using Roulette Key Gold

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In this demonstration I’m using Roulette Key Gold to play for cash at a live French William Hill casino.

I’ve turned off the usual hints button and am just betting when the program suggests 3 double streets which it does.

There are 11 double streets and the program will suggest which ones to bet on unless they are all high or low.

A bet is suggested on the 10th spin (with number 11 )which would have won but I wasn’t concentrating and missed it!
(I also made a few other errors but as I’ve been accused of falsifying my graphics and testimonials I’ve left them in to show I’m only human !)

On the 12th Spin I won (with number 23)
On spin 19 I win again (with number 8)

So in about 20 spins I get alerted 3 times and win every time. Of course its not always so easy and a short progression may be necessary.

This method is used by a couple of my customers and I have included it in Roulette Key Gold at their request.
Personally, I’d be wary of playing it at RNG casinos but when playing live like this it looks like a useful additional technique to use.

Lesson 1 – Download and install Roulette Key Gold
Lesson 2 – Using Roulette Key Gold after installation
Lesson 3 – Playing the Neighbours Systems in Roulette Key Gold
Lesson 4 – Using two systems together and the Rational System
Lesson 5 – Following the bank, Hidden Dozen, Saving Game
Lesson 6 – Replaying a previous game to test alternative techniques
Lesson 7 – Using Roulette Key Gold at a Live online casino Beginners and Hidden Dozen Systems –
Lesson 8 – Using Roulette Key Gold at a Live online casino Finals System

I don’t claim to have created any new systems most (but not this one!) are from the books detailed below.

What I have done is to program twenty odd systems into my Program Roulette Key Gold.
You can choose which system to play or let Roulette Key Gold make suggestions as in this series.

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