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Learn the basic rules of blackjack in this Howcast video about gambling.

First, you find yourself a table. You can ask . . . there’ll be a sign on
the table telling you exactly what the minimum and maximum bets are.
Usually, it starts about $10 or $15, but you can check with the table in
particular that you are at. You place your bet, and then the dealer is
going to deal everybody two cards, face-up. The dealer is going to give
himself one, and one facedown.

Basically, cards 2 through 9 are worth their value and 10, Jacks, Kings,
and Queens, they’re all 10 points. Aces can count as 1 or an 11. In this
case here, he’s got a 3 or 13. He would have a 15. This player here has
Blackjack. Blackjack consists of any Ace, and any 10-value card on the
first two cards. We’re going to pay him right away; it pays 3:2. He’s got
$500, so he’s going to get $750. He doesn’t have to play this hand here.
With all the other hands, basically, the object of the game is to get as
close to 21 without going over.

In this case here, player here has 3 or 13. He wants to hit, he can take
another card, and then now he has a 9, or 19. A lot of people would want to
make that a 19 and stay. That would be up to you. Then you stay on your
hand. Then we go to the next player who may decide to hit, stay, or
whatever he would like to do. In this case, we’ll give this guy a card,
just because he wants one. He’s got a 10, 5 and 8, that’s 23, so he’s over
21, I take his money, and we go onto the next hand. Then you have the
option where if you want to get more money onto the table, where you’re
feeling lucky you’re going to get real close to 21 and beat the dealer,
then you can Double Down, which the player would put money onto the side
there, and they would get one card.

In the case of Pairs, if they wanted to split them, you could do that. You
could do that with any pair. They would get a card, and then they can play
their hand as normal. Say he wants to hit the 12, he busts, and take his
money. With the 10, if he decides he wants to double down after splitting,
you could do that, as well. He’s got 20.

Then the dealer’s turn; he flips over his card. In this case he’s got 13,
he’s got 16. I have to keep going. I have 18. Here, the player’s got 20, so
he gets paid. Then here with the 19, he gets paid. We sweep the cards up.
Players take their bets back, and we go on to the next hand.

Those are the basic rules of Blackjack that will get you started at the

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