Bank On It Winning Video Slot Strategy & Tips

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Close See how easy it is to play a winning video slot machines strategy. The offered 250% matching cash bonus is perfect for Vegas style slots. Browse our tips and strategies for winning more on slots of all types!

Auto Play Strategy:
The slot machines’ autoplay function can be your best friend. Set the controls to play the slot a standard amount such as a minimum of 10 rounds or even play manually for 1 minute at a time. Notice the cycle of wins. Most games will pay out a few small amounts that are less than what was bet. These small amounts ‘hook’ you into continuing to play. But they can also keep your account balance high while you wait for the ‘big score’.

Occasionally the slot win amounts are bigger than what was bet on the spin. This is where you make your money. You want to time your bigger bet amounts to when the machine is ‘ready to hit’ big. The autoplay function is the easiest way for you to figure out the slots win cycle. Watch this video and see if you can determine this slots win pattern!

333 Slot Strategy:
Most games work best with a 333 slot strategy. This is simple to play and lots more fun to win. Just wait for the slot to NOT hit/win 3 times in a row, then increase your bet amount to 3 times your regulat bet value and play that amount up to 3 times in order to get the (bigger) win.

Martingale Slot Strategy:
Martingale works on slots because slots are based on random numbers. Slots are programmed over time to pay out a certain percentage of bet amounts. So instead of trying to BEAT THE GAME, take advantage of how the games and odds are SUPPOSED to work.

Start betting the max lines with the min bet amount. When you lose a round, increase your bet to the next coin value. When you win, decrease your coin value. If you keep winning at the lowest coin value then just keep betting.

Limit your session play to 10 minutes per game. This is the important part of the sytem. You need to limit your playing time for each game. This prevents you from running into a very long losing streak and thus preventing you from hitting the per game bet value limit. It also gives the computer program enough time to average out wins and losses.

Winners Lists:
Check the current winner list at the casino site to see which games are ‘hot’. You will notice a pattern of which games seem to always win or are winning lately.

Good sites will have daily, weekly and monthly specials. This is also the perfect spot to check out free tournaments. These tournaments provide an added way to win easy money as well as keeping excitement higher and game play fresher.

Matching cash bonuses are an excellent way to leverage your funds for playing slots. This extra money keeps you playing longer while getting ready for the big wins.

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